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Of course, we have the Lightning Bitcoin, but that will take some more time and education for adoption. For example: when Bitcoin becomes even more accessible and pricy, it is highly likely that the Bitcoin transaction fees will be unaffordable for many of us.

imageSome of the notable projects of Htmlcoin are securing newborn birth data on the blockchain, Codex, and Cryptic Mag where Codex is an Upwork like freelancing platform with a token ecosystem and Cyptic Mag token incentivizing subscribers of content.

There are some tricks to make this not necessary though. One is called the SPV trick . The most straightforward though costly would be to encode all the sidechain’s rules to Bitcoin and thus Bitcoin could always keep track of the sidechain’s transactions.

If you control more than half of the computations that power any cryptocurrency, then you can spend the same money more than once: a "51% attack." Altcoins are especially vulnerable. But the stunning amount of computing power being poured into the Bitcoin network renders it (probably) effectively immune to such an attack, as per this mindboggling graph from–

Sidechains are far from the only "Bitcoin 2.0" project, although they do have the unusual feature that, as far as I know, all other such projects could be built atop sidechains. The two which interest me most are Ethereum and Zerocash. (And not just me: to quote Back in the AMA, " i’m waiting for the zerocash sidechain :) ".)

(There is also some rather more histrionic criticism.) There are critics, although the most visible, from Peter Todd, still stresses that "90% of the ideas in sidechains are good ideas." His chief complaint is that either sidechains will still be vulnerable to 51% attacks, or Bitcoin miners will become more centralized, more powerful, and more dangerous.

You can start a new game every 5 minutes. Just enter your bitcoin address below, fill out the captcha, and press the Play button. *You MUST have a FaucetHub account in order to get paid! Each game will give you 20 satoshi but you can play the dice game to win unlimited Satoshi ! You can withdrawal instantly to FaucetHub.

But if demand drops, that value can plummet. If people feverishly pour money into Bitcoin, the value rises. That's not necessarily crazy; this notion of "implied value" holds true to some extent for almost anything, be it stocks, houses or antiques. The same is true of the other digital currencies, known as cryptocurrencies, created in recent years. Lately, that's around $50,000; in late 2017 it was $19,000, but in early 2019 it was $4,000. Whatever people decide on a particular day.

(The sidechain code itself will apparently be open-source. Their exact business remains mysterious, but is built around sidechains. According to Coindesk, they have already raised $15 million in an ongoing funding round, bitcoin and added Reid Hoffman to their board. are not acting purely out of technical benevolence. See Blockstream’s recent Reddit AMA.) He and a group of co-founders, including several core Bitcoin developers, headed by former Zero-Knowledge Systems CEO Austin Hill, have a launched a startup called Blockstream.

There are no Bitcoin printing presses or mints. It's not issued by any country. It exists only on computers. It's Bitcoin, a type of money that bears little resemblance to what people have understood money to be for centuries.

Lastly, I am invested in all these cryptos that I have listed, and now I want you to share with us, which cryptocurrencies you think will last by 2023, and why? Do write to us in the comments section below

If you’re thinking: wait, the Ethereum people sold their own made-up digital currency for someone else’s made-up digital currency, which will now be pegged against more new made-up currencies? This is snake-oil nonsense! let me assure you: it’s possible that you may ultimately be proved right. But I don’t think so. And people trade cold hard US dollars for these? Blockchains, and the new monetary applications that blockchains make possible, seem to me to be a sufficiently powerful and interesting innovation that cryptocurrencies–as a class–do in fact have inherent value, not least because you can do things with them that you can’t with traditional fiat currency.

Pundi X team is innovating and applying crypto tech with real-world use cases such as cards and XPOS point of sale devices and building things for the acceptance of NPXS tokens for real goods and services.

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imageIt discussed a potential solution for having a pegged altcoin with Bitcoin as well as a new manner to efficiently validate transactions. I thought the topics discussed were worth exploring but still remained a bit too abstract for general consumption. The paper,"Enabling Blockchain Innovations with Pegged Sidechains", and the work was funded by a private company known as Blockstream. This lecture was more theoretic. Some of the authors have even suggested that the solution proposed was not feasible given breaks in the security model. They currently provide a federated sidechain. As of today, there are no widely used decentralized sidechains.

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